Python already has an anonymous function using lambda keyword even it only used for one liner function.

You can use something like

add = lambda a, b: a + b

That function equivalent with

def add(a, b):
return a + b

But, how about anonymous class?

In some language, maybe…

Sometimes, you need to extends a django field, perhaps because you need a custom structure data in python, or you need a custom input display in the html template.

In this article, you will create a custom django field, that will save encrypted text and display the decrypted text. Lastly…

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When work with user permission, sometimes we need to hide some field for particular user not other. In Django, you can use approaches that I will mention here in this article.

The objectives of this article are:

  1. Problem Definition
  2. Approaches to handle this problem.

Lets dive into the problem definition…

In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement google recaptcha v3 into your django app.

I also already create a simple django app, and what we will do here only to integrate the google recaptcha v3 in some views.

Let’s get started.

Clone App

Clone , then optionally create…

Berawal dari sebuah ide, scraping website bermodalkan sebuah template. Template ini adalah spesifikasi bentuk data yang akan di dapatkan.

Output dari program adalah data yang telah kamu spesifikasikan.

Misalkan ada template seperti berikut:

{ "name": { "expression": "//p[@class='name']/text()", "type": "xpath", "getter": "getall" } }

dan akan mengembalikan data dengan bentuk…

Muhammad Ihfazhillah

Teacher, freelancer software developer. Mainly code using python for scraping and web development.

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